Pre-Paid & Pre-Arranged Funerals

Generally we do not like to contemplate our own death.  However, many thousands of people have seen the advantages of pre-arranging and pre-paying their funeral. As a result, pre-planning and pre-arranging one’s funeral has become more commonplace and acceptable

The benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral plan include the following:

  • The cost is fixed at today’s prices, protecting you from any increase in funeral prices in years to come.
  • It relieves the stress and financial burden on your family and ensures your wishes are carried out.
  • The details can be decided upon calmly and free from the emotional trauma that can occur with the death of a loved one.
  • Any monies invested in Pre-Paid Funeral Plan are not subject the income and assets test, and therefore may increase your pension entitlements.

What is the difference between Pre-Paid Funeral and a Pre-Arranged Funeral?
A pre-paid funeral is where you arrange and pay for your Funeral in advance - and the price is fixed at today’s prices.  Your wishes such as the type of funeral, location, type of coffin or casket, minister or celebrant, cemetery or cremation, floral tributes, newspaper notices, etc are documented in a formal contract between you and ourselves. Once your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is fully paid, there are no ongoing payments- it is not an insurance policy.

A pre-arranged funeral is where you discuss your Funeral wishes with us, but no formal contract is entered into or payment made. We record your wishes such as the type of funeral, location, type of coffin or casket, minister or celebrant, cemetery or cremation, floral tributes newspaper notices etc. We keep these details on file until the time of the Funeral.  It becomes the responsibility of your family or executor to arrange payment of the funeral.

Where does the money go if I pay for my Funeral now?
Once the cost of your funeral has been finalised, and contracts signed, funds are invested (in your name) into a Friendly Society where it will earn interest, offsetting any future costs increases of your funeral plan.  These funds are Capital Guaranteed and cannot be accessed until the time of your funeral. We offer Pre-paid funeral plans in conjunction with Foresters Friendly Society and Funeral Planning Australia

How Much Does It Cost
The cost of a Funeral can vary greatly depending on individual needs and wishes. Should you wish to discuss your individual needs, please contact us and we will discuss the many options available to you.

Can I pay my Pre-Paid Funeral Plan by instalments?
Yes, payments can be made either in a lump sum or by regular installments with a Direct Debit arrangement.  

Can I withdraw my money from a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?
No. You are unable to withdraw funds from a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan after the cooling off period.

What is a Funeral Bond?
A bond is a specific investment designed to accumulate funds to meet future funeral expenses.  A Funeral Bond is an investment towards the cost of a funeral, however does guarantee against rising funeral prices

What if I move interstate?
Should you move interstate we are able to assist in transferring your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan to another Funeral Director.